Wondrous Nature

Exotic Butterflies and Peacocks hiding amongst some fanciful flowers, feathers, leaves and paisley  petals.  

Glam Boho Rock

Bejeweled Turtles and Chameleons inspired by bohemian paisleys and the animal skins and bold patterns of the glam rock period. Designed whilst listening to Bowie and thinking of sequin encrusted jumpsuits and plush velvet jackets.

Geometric Lace Whimsy Collection

A series of whimsical geometric patterns that are inspired by memories from my youth; the scroll work of my dad’s welded iron gates, my nan’s lace doilies, her 70’s apron in hazy summer colours and the lacey tops of my  ankle socks.  

Floral Whimsy

Dancing floral pattern in three different colourways. Perfect for injecting some colour into spring.

Summer Botanicals

Thinking of hot summer evenings, steamy ferns and the promise of a gin and tonic. This is a new take on my signature dragonfly designs and includes tropical themed leaves and vibrant flowers with a stain glass designed dragonfly in multi colours.