About Drew

edge“Ballydrew” a Celtic name that roughly translates as “home of Drew” because in Drew’s words …

“Every time I sit down to draw it feels like I’ve come home.”

Drew’s Background: Drew originally trained in Spatial Design in 1991 at the University for Creative Arts in Kent, England. She subsequently spent 20 years working as a Graphic Designer and Marketer until 2015 when she decided to explore her own designs…

“I was hankering to rediscover the creative freedom that I felt when I first left art college. Armed with my furtive under the meeting table illustrations that I’d describe as “Messed up geometry”, I soon rediscovered my love of hand drawing, and became inspired by old bohemian style designs such as paisley, mosaics, mandalas and batik. As the daughter of a welder, much of my work involves hand drawn scrolls that are inspired by the designs I watched my dad create when he made wrought iron gates.

My creativity is fed by the constant buzz of activity in my life. Based in my home studio in Somerset, I spend my time drawing, painting and experimenting with colour. I particularly enjoy creating bold designs for the home interiors market.
continue to work freelance as well as licencing my designs.”