Summer Botanicals

Thinking of hot summer evenings, steamy ferns and the promise of a gin and tonic. This is a new take on my signature dragonfly designs and includes tropical themed leaves and vibrant flowers with a stain glass designed dragonfly in multi colours.

Dragonfly Souk

Inspired by rich bohemian souk colours, and the slightly magical dragonfly these sumptuous designs are filled with warmth and wonder and have been my most fun designs to date. I can’t stop looking at them. I really enjoyed building up the layers and textures and I even used a layer of pebbles from the beach to create…

3rd Place for Mediterranean Seahorse

I’ve just found out that my Mediterranean Seahorse Design came 3rd in the Fashion Formula design contest which was themed around the Mediterranean Seaside. Full details of the competition are available here Thank you to everybody who voted. I can’t wait to get some samples of this design and, as many of you have asked where you…

Tropical Leaves Competition

I’ve entered another Fashion Formula competition with my  tropical leaves design. please visit their community pages and vote for me.

The Welder’s Daughter

Ever since I was a young girl I’ve always loved the sight and smell of welding.  I can’t walk past a wrought iron gate without smiling and remembering my dad painstakingly shaping and molding metal scrolls in our garden shed. This collection draws inspiration from those scrolls, the bright lights dancing around the metal and the beautiful…